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I am a law abiding citizen and where I live the law on CC is clear; pull and use your weapon to stop a person or persons directly engaged in attacking you, not to protect your property nor persons around you. We all know and me included we would break that law in the case of loved ones or in the case of a home invasion while your in your home.

Pulling your gun firing in the air would get my permit revoked and may bring a felony, it's not allowed here, neither can I move to act on behalf of the good of public saftey or as was stated "... a resoponsilbe gun owner..."; would I do something if I could, I don't know if I would give up my "safe" position of cover to get into the fight; if I did it would be under a very narrow circumstances.

My weapon is for my protection and I would extend that to my family, but if a bad guy wants my shiny new Silverado Z71 that I worked hard for and he got the drop on me (meaning his gun in hand pointed at me, mine still holstered) then I'm giving up the truck, they still make trucks, but my life should not end trying to out draw this bad guy. If he lowers the gun, drops his head, or is otherwise distracted where I have a second to get my gun on target, it's on, and none of that can happen from more than 10ft-15ft away.

Everytime we hear about a mass shooting we also hear least I have heard persons saying if I was there I woulda pulled my glock, my sig, whatever and did this or that, but having been on the other end of a gun barrel at close range from a car jacker, it unfolds quickly and in my case I was not carrying at the time and had I been I was seated in a car behind the wheel, not the ideal place to unholster a gun and get it on target and fire in the midst of the panic of seeing a gun pointed at me. So when persons say what they would do I just counter and say I hope you never have to find out cause you really don't know what you will do, as a gun carrier or not.
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