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Originally Posted by DAR
What do you guys use to store your pre-weighed powder in? I need an inexpensive way to carry many pre-weighed charges to the range.
I use a combination of prescription and over-the-counter pill bottles to carry pre-measured charges in.
They can be easy to accumulate but are larger than necessary. However they do have wide mouths and are easy to drop the powder into.
But there are many types of capped vials for sale on eBay that can be found by searching for "powder vials" or "vials".
At least one reputable seller named jesuslives2saveu sells many black powder vials with threaded caps including some under the headin Blackhorn 209 Muzzleloader Powder Charge Tubes 25 Speedloader Black Powder Vial .
If the link expires just search for Powder vials and his new listings should be in the search results.

I also use an inexpensive plastic funnel from a set that I bought at a dollar store which helps to not spill powder during loading.

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