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Originally Posted by micromontenegro View Post
I do wonder why. I wonder why a lot.

See, I have worked on Colt's DA revolvers. There's nothing mystical, magical or otherwise requiring superhuman abilities inside them. Just care, patience, and a solid grasp on how the thing works. And regarding parts, most, if not all the internal parts are reproducible with the proper tools and knowhow- nothing out of this word. I fail to see the big deal.

Maybe it is because in my other hobby I repair the quite more complex innards of vintage cameras. Maybe I wasn't spoiled by working on S&Ws (never seen the insides of one of them). But I honestly can't see the DA Colts as something out of the reach of a handyman who is willing to work and learn with patience and common sense.
You given good example on why it CAN be done but none on why it SHOULD be done. If it takes more time, patience, and work to learn it and do it, then it should cost the gun owner more to have it done. Is there enough of a market willing to pay higher prices to justify someone banking part of their career on it.

There are several things I could learn how to do but I don't have the time to learn them all. I have to choose what provides the most return on enjoyment (hobby) and profit (business)
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