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For those of you who have the Lee and the double disc for use with the auto disc powder measure, could you check my math on this to see if I'm grasping the concept. Based on what I've read in my manual plus what the instructions from Lee provided:

VMD x Charge in grains = Volume CC

Volume CC = Top + Bottom disc for auto powder dispenser.

So for my starting load with Accurate 2230 powder and a 55 grain
bullet, I need 21.2 grains. Accurate powder has a VMD of .0657.

So .0657 x 21.2 = 1.392 CC

Referencing my chart that means I need the .82 top disc and .57 bottom
disc on the powder dispenser. Once I have everything set up I'll throw a few loads into a case and weigh each one to see how they turn out.

Punch out 10 rounds or so, and then try a few different loads keeping in mind not to go above 23.5 (max). In what increments should I increase my loads? If the minimum is 21.2, should I go up by 0.5 or is that too much? For example I could create 10 rounds of the following.


Shoot each load and record the results. I have heard it's not a good idea (especially for beginners) to try the max load, maybe I should stick to the middle of the road. Thanks.
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