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I went to the dollar store, and bought some glitter for hobbies. They come in several size plastic bottles, that are just the right size for storing extra loads. I think I paid about $2.00 for a package of 5 bottles. Poured out the glitter, and loaded them up. Completely water-proof and clear so you can see through them.
I put 3 charges in 3 bottles, and 3 bullets and sabots in another one. I carry a 3 shot primer carrier. Including the load in my barrel, it gives me 4 shots total. I bought an elastic shell holder, for a .410 caliber shotgun, and put it over the stock of my ML. It will hold 5 shots so I carry the extra loads & Bullets in 4 of the shell holders, and some extra patches and an extra primer or two in the 5th bottle.
By doing this, it allows me to carry everything I need for a hunt, right on the rifle without having to carry anything in a bag or pocket. It is handy to re-load because everything you need is already out of my pocket, and where I can get hold of it in a hurry.
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