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Thanks guys,
Sorry to read about the crossbow incident. I'm glad to hear he was ok.

This is the first year we have hunted with them and you have to be conscious of the differences between these and a firearm. I have to remind to be to be string wary at all times and also keep the arrows pointed in a safe direction. Both of these can cause a bad day real fast.

Thanks for the kind words, but I would like to clarify things a little. He has taken a few deer before with a rifle. This is his first deer for the 2012 season and also his first ever crossbow kill. He has grown to become a pretty good hunter and a decent shot. We still have to get the scouting thing kind of worked out, but that will come with time.

His only real problem that we need to figure out is that he is color blind and has trouble tracking a blood trail. He has a real hard time picking out blood on brown leaves and tree trunks. I think I need to get some of that bloodglow spray to let him try.

Don't get me wrong I don't mind trailing a deer with him, but he will want to hunt by himself in the future.
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