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what are the gun laws with CCW?

I know this may vary from state to state but I was curious about the gun laws surrounding CCW and how the law interprets non-lethal confrontations with a firearm.

For example, there have been a lot of news reports on vandalism with regard to political lawn signs, whether you're Republican or Democrat. Now, my first train of thought is, if I caught someone spray painting a giant fallic symbol on my garage because they disagree with my political choices that's vandalism and trespassing. It's clearly not ok to shoot someone for tearing down my lawn sign or even for spray painting my garage, but at what point could you hold someone at gun point and what are the legal repercussions? My concern is that as soon as the gun comes out, the perpetrator will run immediately. The point i'm making is that I shouldn't have to put up with someone coming onto my property and destroying my personal possessions.

Another example is a news segment I saw the other night where two motorcyclists were intimidating a driver that caused him to pull over. Well, he pulled over in front of a police station, pulled out a gun and shot one of the cyclists in the face. Road rage is nothing new in this country but we've all experienced it in some form or another. If someone was driving recklessly and endangering your life or the lives of your family what would you do? I've seen people get out of their cars with crowbars in hand, so it just goes to show that people are capable of violence even if they're the ones at fault.

By the way, the above is just a hypothetical scenario. I have personally never had anyone vandalize my home nor have I had a physical confrontation with a driver because of road rage. I know gun ownership is a huge responsibility, so my question is where do you draw the line when it comes to protecting yourself and/or your personal property?
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