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Notice how few gunsmiths even work on Colt DA revolvers anymore? Wonder why?
I do wonder why. I wonder why a lot.

See, I have worked on Colt's DA revolvers. There's nothing mystical, magical or otherwise requiring superhuman abilities inside them. Just care, patience, and a solid grasp on how the thing works. And regarding parts, most, if not all the internal parts are reproducible with the proper tools and knowhow- nothing out of this word. I fail to see the big deal.

Maybe it is because in my other hobby I repair the quite more complex innards of vintage cameras. Maybe I wasn't spoiled by working on S&Ws (never seen the insides of one of them). But I honestly can't see the DA Colts as something out of the reach of a handyman who is willing to work and learn with patience and common sense.
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