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My first gun was an Ithaca M-66 Supersingle, youth model, in 20 ga. I got it for Christmas, must have been about 65-66...somewhere in there. It had a 26" barrel, modified choke, and a rubber recoil pad. I suppose my youngest son has it now. It was a fun gun to shoot, but even in a 20 ga, it kicked like a mule. I was a kid back then. Who cared?

There was a guest at our hunt club one day who had a one in 12 ga, with the rifle sights. He was on the stand next to me during the morning drive. The dogs jumped and ran around the swamp for a while, then it looked like someone flushed a covy of quail. There were deer running everywhere. I shot one across a little flooded ditch. While I was trying to figure out how to get over to her, without getting soaked (it had started to snow, too,, so it was COLD), I heard three quick shots, close. Boom, Boom, Boom....Who the...can't be THAT guy. He's got a single-barrel.

Turns out it was. Remember that old saying about the man with one gun. Well that fellow only had the one gun, and he knew how to use it. He racked off three shots with that single shot gun, faster than I could have with a pump. Killed the deer too.
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