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I look out for bargain .22 rifles,,,

By bargain I mean 60-70 bucks.

Abut a year ago I found a JC Penny's 22 of some odd ilk for $60.00,,,
I cleaned the metal real well and did a refinish on the stock,,,
Then I shot it enough to know it had reasonable accuracy.

I did this just for the heck of it,,,
More to satisfy a gun purchase "jones" than anything.

Then I met a couple who have an 8 year old boy,,,
On his 9th birthday I asked them if a .22 rifle would be okay,,,
They said yes so I made him a sling with his name stamped in the leather.

I also supplied him with two 550 bulk packs of ammunition,,,
That and an inexpensive cleaning kit has him shooting.

It was definitely worth the minimal expense,,,
The rifle is not a match quality gun,,,
But for him to pop tin cans,,,
It's perfectly adequate.

So after that pleasant experience,,,
I'm always on the lookout for bargain .22 rifles,,,
They don't have to be the newest and latest to get a kid started.


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