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I would expect the average Ruger GSR to be at about 2 MOA (possibly better) at 100 yards
Mine leans towards the "better" end of that quote. I can't honestly say I've gotten any five shot MOA groups but I've certainly gotten well under 2 MOA with several loads. It's a nice and handy little rifle. It does like heavier bullets rather than lighter ones. Mine even has a decent factory trigger. I still don't like the factory flash hider, I just haven't figured out what to replace it with. And I haven't found the perfect scope for it yet either. I did settle on the five round polymer magazine as my default mag. Much, much better than the OEM ten round metal mag.

Like the rifle a lot. Considering that I never end up shooting a deer further away than 100 yards... I might even carry mine up into my deer stand this year. Or maybe I will let my 14 year old son use it. He's already been admiring it.

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