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I have a couple fancy target 22s, as well as a few others.

A while back I got a Ruger 22/45 and put a red dot sight on it just for kicks. Sucker cost about $268 at Cabala's.

Found out it pushed the rest of my 22 pistols to the back of the gun safe (except for my Model 18, I'm still a revolver guy). This sucker is nice, accurate and just plain fun to shoot. Plus, and this is a big PLUS, its reliable, not any jams if the ammo goes off, you'll get dud ammo with any 22. Though I can take duds that wont shoot in my HS Victor and get them to go off in the 22/45.

Its a great starter gun as well as a great competition gun. You sure see a lot of them showing up at bullseye and other matches.
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