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The VZ-48 was a more expensive gun to manufacture and is generally higher quality due to the milled receiver. The only issue with it is the caliber/cartridge is not ideal - most prefer the 7.62x39 used in most AK platforms.

I don't understand your second question.

While I've heard that the Cararcal is a quality firearm, I have no direct experience with it. It was designed in the UAE (I believe) and I think it is also in service in that country - not quite sure where it is actually manufactured. Could be UAE or in Europe, or a combination.

Tanfoglio is an Italian gun manufacturer that has been around a long time. They were originally known for making and distributing cheap .25 acp "saturday night specials" in the '70's (which were not actually bad quality - I happen to have an old Excam). Today, they are better known for their Witness line of handguns, which are imported by EAA. I have a Witness Stock 10mm and believe it to be an exceptionally well made gun. However, there have been some reports of frame/slide cracking as have been reported on this board - you can research these posts.
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