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I'm going to say something controversial about the value of this one...

First of all, I would separate what you have prior to selling. I would say just the gun is worth $400 give or take $50. Now on the other hand, $450 is steep. The grips should bring over $100. Here is the controversial piece of advice. In this SPECIFIC situation, I would go out and get a replacement mag and ask $400 for the gun, maybe take $350. It will still sell for that most likely, even with the replacement mag. Then I would ebay the grips, and most importantly ebay the magazine. That magazine believe it or not is worth $150 to $250 by itself. Its not cost effective to sell that great magazine in a reblued gun, and if the gun WITHOUT a mag is worth $300 or so, WITH the mag its not worth $500. So you would lose $50 (selling without the mag) or so in what you might realize since the gun is reblued with a replacement mag, BUT you would gain $150 or so after selling the mag. That's a sought after mag. The mag does not ADD its value onto the gun. The person buying it doesn't think "add $150 for original mag"

Now of course, this advice would not make sense if you had a collector grade gun, but you don't, and most likely the buyer will accept that hes getting a fair deal because the gun does not have an original mag. The refinish of this gun isn't bad per se, but its also obviously redone. Someone would be buying it for shooting, or carry, or as a cheaper/entry level old gun. When the gun is say $350, they can't say "well without a mag its only worth $200" because thats not true at all. You might think its crazy or not worth it, but literally its $100s of dollars difference. The guy buying it would probably sell the pearls, so you should let people fight over them and fight over the mag. Just my opinion...(I've been in similar situations and this is how to make the most $$$)
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