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The lower-priced Leupolds, through the VX-1, are not made in the USA and don't have a lifetime warranty.

The Leupold VX-1 is USA made and comes with the same lifetime guarantee as any other Leupold, including the bottom end Rifleman.

The VX-2 with LRD sells for about $330, $300 with a standard duplex reticle, and would be my choice for the most scope for the money. The VX-3's are slightly better and I have a few in 2.5-8X simply because I like that size scope and magnification range. But If I were going to suggest anything more expensive than the VX-2, I'd go straight to the $399 Zeiss Conquest.

If on a tight budget the VX-1 is the most scope you will get for $200, and is a far better choice than anything selling in the $150-$200 range. The absolute cheapest scope I'd sugggest is the Redfield Revolution. I wouldn't even suggest the Leupold Rifleman. It sells for the same price as the VX-1 and is a step below. I don't really understand why they even offer it.
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