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My B-I-L had one in .222 Rem, bought in the '70s that was a tack-driver. When he passed away, I had the opportunity to get it at reasonable cost, but didn't want it. Other folks seem to be happy with #1s that shoot 2 MOA.

Traditionalists like Ruger #1s, but I could never warm up to them. Being a handloader and accuracy nut, extraction isn't as strong as with most bolt-actions and the wood-to-metal bedding area seems very short.

Compare that with, say, the Tikka T-3 I just bought that, with handloads, groups under 1/2" at 100 yards, has a 3 1/4 lb, butter-smooth trigger, built-in mounting system, including rings, a detachable magazine and a massive, smooth-working action, costing about $550 out the door. No, it's not as pretty, but pretty is as pretty does.
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