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You need to define exactly what you want to do with it 1st.

If it is going to be used as a defensive or "duty" rifle, Colt 6920 is a very good choice (pretty much the minimum in my opinion).

If you are wanting something to use on a range from a bench trying put rounds into the same hole with a large magnification optic, you should get something different.

If you are wanting something to do Service Rifle competitions, you need something else yet again.

If you are wanting to use it as a walking coyote hunting rifle, you would probably be more satisfied with a different rifle still.

If you are wanting a rifle for medium game hunting, a different caliber would be much more suitable.

So define you use first, and get the rifle that has the features you need rather than getting a rifle that is not what you need and trying to adapt it.

This is, however, one of the great benefits of the AR family of rifles, they are highly adaptable.
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Good luck.
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