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As usual, I'm late for the discussion, so I'll just put in my 2 cents for the OP: I personally only use full-size guns for CCW. To me, small guns are for BUG use only. I have no problem concealing a full-size weapon. In my case, I alternate between a Ruger P-90 .45 and another Ruger, a 4" stainless GP-100 .357 Magnum. Both disappear completely in an IWB rig underneath an un-tucked shirt. The way I see it, since fine motor skills tend to diminish under the stress of a gunfight, handling a tiny gun with correspondingly tiny controls would be pretty difficult compared to a full-sized piece. Besides, in my opinion, when it comes to certain things, like steaks, paychecks, locomotives, women, and guns..bigger is better!
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