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Fair value of this Colt 1903 Pocket 32ACP?

I am trying to ascertain the fair market value of a Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless chambered in 32ACP that I own.

This pistol has it's original grips and two-tone magazine. It also came with a set of Mother Of Pearl grips and grip screw when my dad got in the 1950's. It still shoots great and is surprisingly very accurate.

This pistol was apparently re-blued sometime before my father came to owning it. The mother of pearl grips, despite being quite thick, were never really used because my dad did not know how old they were and was afraid of them cracking if he shot this pistol with them on. Personally, I think they are more than thick enough to withstand any amount of shooting.

Interestingly, the serial number on the frame of this Colt is 388117...but the serial number on the slide is 389117. I am pretty sure it is a "9" and not a light strike that caused the 8 to look like a 9.

So, what is fair market value for this old Colt...including the pearl grips?

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