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I've been married almost 15 years, I married my wife not my mother. We have separate jobs, separate accounts when it comes to finances only share some of the bills. We trust each other to be responsible with our personal finances and so far it has worked out. I never have to ask permission to buy anything and the same applies to her. Do we sometimes discuss things? Sure!

My wife found out about the car I bought recently when I drove it home, same for the most recent motorcycle. I buy guns or ammo when I want to, never have to ask permission. She trusts me not to put our family in a tough financial situation and I respect that.

Every relationship has different qualities and what people want varies too. Some guys brag about being henpecked, whatever works for them. I have one friend who starts just about every sentence with: "So I asked my wife for permission and..." He is the same guy who called his wife from work to ask her if he could go to Burger King for lunch. Hey man, whatever floats your boat.
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