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Random shootings happen where everyone present is the target. Not trying to inspire any ideas, But if a shooter did decidecide to elevate and shoot from a distance, he would get more victims, the mindset of going off of what has happened will affect your reaction to what could happen. Some whackjobs are very well trained. And some thugs were once soldiers, marines, and even cops! I've seen kids that can shoot very well. And how is any training, whether it be long or short shots, a waste? Even you said the longshots you took at 200yds was fun.
If he's randomly shooting from a distance your best bet is duck and run. Unless your concealed carry is a Remington 30-06, you are distinctly out gunned with a mere pistol.

As noted I have no problem with people doing distance shooting for fun. But thinking you're good to trade fire at range it tactically and legally inprudent.
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