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What do you guys use to store your pre-weighed powder in? I need an inexpensive way to carry many pre-weighed charges to the range
I used empty rifle cartridges and sealed them with foam earplugs. This worked well for my .45 TC Hawkin that had a 45-50 grain sweet load for a patched round ball, .30-06 cases would hold that much easily.
If you want to carry 100 grain pre measured charges, you're going to need some of those big game belted magnum cases, or split the charge into two cases.
It's really not a bad way to carry your powder when hunting.

Historically, Revolutionary War and Civil War soldiers carried pre measured charges in paper cartridges. It's like rolling a cigarette but with gunpowder and using heavy waxed paper. Soldiers had to tear them open with their teeth and pour the charge down the barrel, which was why good teeth was a requirement for being in the military back then.
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