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I have a Colt Gold Cup that is going on 30 years and I can’t give you an actual round count over that 30 years but it’s the only 45 ACP that I shoot a lot. For the last 10 years I buy 1000 lead bullets every year and most of them are shot through the cup. So that puts a minimum at 10,000 in the past 10 years.
I know that’s not the accuracy you’re asking for but it’s the best I can do.
In that time the pin that holds the rear sight has fallen out. The frame was showing a little battering so I put a recoil buffer in it (it’s only a target gun) and other than magazines it’s never had another problem.
The other gun is a hand built S&W 28 that was modified to 44 SP that is over 25 years in my collection and again I don’t keep round counts but its more than the Gold Cup. Never a single problem in that time.
The one accurate count is my Glock 26. Other than a couple that a friend shot when I let him borrow it is 3000 +/_ 100. I have replaced the main spring with a metal spring guide and better spring. Sights just because the plastic were crap. The gun has never had a failure of any kind including magazine.
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