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Originally Posted by Yung.gunr
Ok Josh, I understand not showing everything. You don't want people to see how you did if or they won't buy it from you. But, I looked really closely at your video and pictures and I am not seeing anything particularly different about your trigger. What am I missing?

I don't mind sharing. The trigger cannot be patented because it's too close to the Finnish trigger and, at any rate, it's now in the public domain!

Here is one I did while taking time to record the manufacture. Please bear in mind that this is during manufacture and it does not yet have grease or bluing on it.

I may manufacture these one day if I can find an insurance provider that doesn't ask crack-smoking prices to insure the product; meantime I have no problems with folks making them for themselves. I'd advise against making them for others just because of liability.

These cannot be patented as a very similar product, the Finnish M39's trigger, has been around since at least 1939!

Huber concepts makes an arguably inferior trigger utilizing a ball bearing. It is single-stage and feels much like a S&W revolver's trigger pull. I believe but cannot prove that their use of the ball bearing is their way of modifying the design enough to patent it.

Anyway, even if this were patentable – a doubtful prospect as I said – I'm throwing the design into the public domain so that it cannot be patented due to a preexisting specimen.

This is the same reason the Ruger LCP is so similar (the same, even!) to the Kel-Tec design: Kel-Tec never patented those lil' pistols and Ruger picked it up.

I want the best manufacturers to make products I buy, not folks who think up the idea then farm it out to China to be made cheaply. There are too many awesome designs out there that are poorly executed, but nobody else can pick these up for fear of patent infringement.

If I get the time and the insurance to make these, I will. If not, somebody with a drill press and a few other tools along with a bit of skill is more than welcome to make them. My feelings won't be hurt.

As I said, this is a Finnish idea that I just improved on a bit.


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