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Originally Posted by lilcris
Oh, sorry! I didn't explain that very well. When my husband turned around, he saw me crying hysterically. The sound and the noise percussion just overwhelmed me.
I apologize for the inference, but I have to ask, Was it a GOOD crying or a BAD crying?

Back to serious parts of the question:

The advice about letting the discharge of the be a surprise to you is extremely important. Anticipation of the flash, noise and recoil of the discharge is also known as flinching, and once the flinch has developed, it is the very devil to get rid of. This is a primary purpose of practicing trigger control with an unloaded gun (dry firing) and one of the primary uses of a gun similar to your main weapon chambering 22 rimfire (or at least, using your main weapon with lower power loads).

Good luck.

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