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As for the coyotes i have encountered since then, I cannot say the same. The first one I saw was while she was still in the vet's care. I can't post that photo because my hand.
is in the photo telling the coyote i think he is number one if you get my drift. He caught a 40 grain vmax in his exit portal as he ran away. I finished him off with my LCP.
The second one i ran down in the middle of a 500 acre field and beat to death with a shovel. Let me be perfectly clear when i say that Kansas has no limits on coyotes. I can use any manner I choose to dispatch them with the exception of artificial light or night vision. Beyond that to quote my game warden, "I don't care if you a slingshot, a rocket launcher, or anything in between. Just get out there and kill some coyotes!"

Here's number three. He just went down today. He was about 200 yards away on the run away from me. He ran straight away which made my job easier. Not to mention a 223 is more convenient than a spade. He was kind of a pretty one...lot prettier dead as far as I'm concerned.

That's where I'm at so far. Its fall harvest time here and I'm greatly looking forward to when the soybeans are cut and the fields are opened up again. Saw a lot of them last year mousing on the bare soybean ground in the early mornings. There will be more photos to folfollow as they become available. This is gonna be fun. Also, Maggie watched me shoot the last one today and seemed quite interested....almost as though she wished she had thumbs to manipulate the trigger and bolt herself.
So many little time....

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