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Originally Posted by SRH970:
You don't want to bring up the Jello Junkie vs. Morgue Monster debate again?? That horse isn't dead yet....we just saw an ear twitch.
That's funny.

Wait! Lemme get my whip!

Originally Posted by SRH970:
Marshall, Sanow, et. al.= Morgue Monster

Fackler, van Maanan, et. al. = Jello Junkies. Dr. Fackler is the Original Jello Junkie and also the source for the FBI 12" rule.
Yeah, I remember reading the gun rags back in the late 80's (when I was a brand-new cop) and laughing at the name-calling that went on.

M&S had just published their first "study" and they would've gotten away with it had they not pushed their luck and published further "studies". (it's hard, but not impossible to do a statistical analysis like those I've cited above without precursors)

I have often wondered how (let alone "if") someone would go about attempting to debunk the Fackler/Roberts/IWBA/FBI construct given that there's a ton of concrete data (gelatin tests) not to mention heavily researched bullet penetration models like those proposed by MacPherson and Schwartz.
My favorite "gun" book -

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