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to rodeo roy

Bullets are fast. In the military there's a thing called fire control. Which means that if you are firing you basically control the situation, If an assailant is firing in your direction, running is a bad idea. I agree with you on a retreating bad guy. But if he is firing while he is retreating, which I expect a cowardly thug to do, he is by law an attacker seeking cover, which means you can still engage him. Even law enforcement will engage the assailant. If you fire to stop a thug during or after he has committed a violent felony, you can engage. That's the law where I live. You dony have to, you can run or take cover and that's ok, I don't blame you, live, but if he is shooting in your direction, no matter how close, don't run, especially if there are others present, STOP HIM!! You would be riddled witg guilt if you're in your cozy cover watching some panic frozen lady and her child being chopped down by this punk, while you sit there with a full mag waiting for the all clear. Will you at least fire in the air? Not to be a hero, just to be a responsible armed citizen. That is the mindset you need if you're going to carry. Otherwise whatever you carry is just an expensive security blanket. I carry because I have a family, I work hard for what I have, and no one will take that from me, or me from that. Up close, far away, whatever, don't run, live, fight, survive, shoot to live!
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