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Raftman, can you confirm if the RIA in fact does not leave the slide open after the last round has been fired? It does appear to be the best option of the guns on this list, and I don't mind paying for quality as I know I'll keep it a while, but I'd at least like to have something representative of a true 1911. The GSG advertises itself as having 80% interchangeable parts with other 1911s, which is an attractive feature, but I'm not convinced it's on the same level of quality as the RIA.

This is the only resource I have found on the RIA:

The XT-22 Pistol represents what I feel to be the best combat 1911 .22 pistol available today. Unlike most .22 1911 conversions, this pistol is built as a complete gun. I designed it to be simply the toughest longest lasting .22 1911 you can buy. It is the only .22 1911 with a forged 4140 steel slide…..and the only .22 1911 with a one piece 4140 chrome moly barrel. All other conversions pale in comparison with their aluminum slides and two piece welded barrels. And the XT-22 is the ideal for target shooters or plinkers that want excellent accuracy…..since it's open slide design allows for mounting of our target rib ( Models available with full length Aluminum scope mount rib). I will be offering custom versions of this awesome pistol through my website, so pls inquire about how to get one!
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