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treso bronze nipples

OK, so I got my treso Bronze nipples from TOW and they are a nice fit in my walker. Only thing is, they are just a C*** hair to big for #11's!!!!
If I put the cap in place, it is literally right up against the back plate of the frame. Making it ripe for a hell-uv-a chain fire. The stock nips for the walker look like they might be for #10's as #11's are so loose you can wiggle them from side to side.
So, will a very carefull file job be acceptable? to reduce the outside diameter just a bit. Any body out there had to do this?
Also, the hole at the bottom of the nipple (fire port?) is noticeably smaller than the stock nipples.
Is this good/bad? Normal for Treso's?

Thanks in advance for any advice you all might have for me.
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