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To take cover, run, escape is reasonable and when possible should be part of any good defense. Tacticians in all ages have shown that it's better avoid a fight when you can and from the distances mentioned I would choose flight over fight.

I have meet lots of over zealous gun carrying persons that really think being in a gun fight would be cool afternoon. I say let the police handle it. Would I pull my gun and fire at a bad guy attacking me hell yeah; bad guy fleeing and being shoot in the back where I live may be murder. I am confident enough with my weapon that I could stop a threat or to be clear hit what I aim at and I would pray the if in this dreaded scenario the threat would be down stopped or slowed enough for me to escape, regroup, and call for help.

To me the bad guy starts with the advavtage he knows what he came to do, and if given a chance to retreat, take cover, regroup, get more help that's my choice, yours is no doubt different.
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