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And, the old "hand picked sample" thing that never dies is still horsepuckey.
I just got a gun in from a major name with a case fired 9-25 that has so many dents & dings it looks like a used gun.

Hand picked, like hell.

Re Rohrbaugh, GT got their test sample from the same place I got mine- Rohrbaugh, and they botched that one so bad it was embarrassing.
May interest you to know that the first sample I got from that maker was non-functional.
When I returned it, Rohrbaugh apologised & said he'd just picked up the first one handy to meet my request without paying any attention to it. Turned out to be a known non-functional sample that had just gotten back to them after being sent out to a photographer for pictures only, and it hadn't been properly put away. In other words- a stunt double.
So much for "hand picked".

And, I've mentioned several other non-functional sample incidents from major players in past go-rounds about the perennially popular gunmag pile-ons.
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