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Thanks for fast reply. I've tried a 3 foot breaker bar. I've even tried an impact wrench. Heat cycle, even while still very hot from shooting, per Springfield's instructions did nothing. I will try a heat gun, differntial heat and cooling, and perhaps giving the plug some taps with a rubber mallet. i was wondering if penetrating oil might work or does it damage parkerized finish?

Any other ideas on how to free it without applying undue torque to the barrel or otherwise risking damaging the gun>

As to following Springfield's instructions: I tried. I was on the phone with nice but vapid lady who answers the customer service line. She spoke to a technician. Wouldnt let me talk with them. Their only suggestion was shoot the gun and it will come off through the applcation of massive amount of force. Literally those were the words used.

Other question: the manual and 1963 technical manual are a little vague on how you use the cleaning rod without dis-assembling the rifle. Was it originally designed that the weapon would be cleaned by inserting the cleaning rod from the muzzle? I am using a bore snake to clean it as it would seem like inserting cleaning rod at muzzle end would affect accuracy. Any light you can shed on the design of original cleaning rod and original barrel cleaning procedure?

to those who advise leaving it alone. what do you plan to do when it stops working?
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