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Even at $1000, there'd be a big price differential between new Colts and offerings from Smith & Wesson or Ruger.
But, the same can be said about the Ruger Vaqueros for $600 and the new $1,455 Colt New Frontiers.

S&W has the "new" model 27 listed at roughly a grand, and I'm sure they sell them. You can buy a used one for less but some people prefer to buy new only. If Colt could build a "New Python" and sell it for $1,750-$2,000 and do it as a custom shop type of thing, people would be lined up even if they had to wait. You can buy a used one for less, but it's that whole "new" thing again.

I read that "Colt actions are complicated and few people know how to work on them/build them anymore". So, teach some people. Surely we haven't lost the capacity to learn. Lots of things that are complicated are taught every day. It's a mechanical device and it can't be impossible to get a handle on it.

I would prefer to hear that Colt just doesn't want to put any effort into DA revolvers ever again and leave it at that.
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