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You don't want to bring up the Jello Junkie vs. Morgue Monster debate again?
Holy cow, that takes me back to the good old days of rec.guns.

Mete makes a really good point:

Man has the unfortunate attitude that he can put the whole world into neat simple numbers and formulas.
People get hung up on the numbers and formulas on the box, but they never ask whether or not the load feeds well in a given gun, how much muzzle flash it has, or how consistently it groups. If they spent as much time shooting as they did obsessing over numbers, cartridge selection probably wouldn't matter as much.

Consider part of the M&S data. The best manstoppers out there? .357 Magnum and .45 ACP. Where was most of this data gleaned? From officer-involved shootings.

So, I'll bite: who in law enforcement was still carrying guns in .357 and .45 when the studies were done? Certainly not the average beat cop. I'll lay odds the guys carrying those guns (and involved in those shootings) were serious gunfighters. They put in the time and training, and they took the gun seriously instead of treating it like a heavy burden to lug along.

Had those guys been carrying something in 9mm or .38, they probably would have achieved similar results. It's not all about the hardware.
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