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tobnpr: I've actually never even bothered looking at the warranty. I believe it's one year from purchase and I think that TGI (the company that imports them) probably fulfills warranty work. It is an AK though, they either work or don't. I could only see needing a warranty if it didn't work out of the box.

As far as the price, thats up for debate.

New veprs go for $500.
Than you need to add about $100-$200 in parts to make it accept ak mags and be compliant.

Not sure exactly what they did for compliance, but It looks to have a tapco trigger group. I'm sure the bullet guide is USA also. I was also instructed to only use US mags as they count as 3 parts. With my new furniture I can loose the mags now. I paid $800 total for the already converted VEPR from Red Jacket. To me it was worth the $100-$200 in labor. I can't weld and they did a beautiful tack weld on the bullet guide bolt to keep it in place. The trigger job is also much better than anything I could do at home, its smooth and probably right around 3lbs.

So yes, it probably is a bit cheaper to convert it yourself but buying it already converted took out a lot of guesswork.
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