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If you want a 92 but would like to shave a few oz. off the weight then try the Beretta ninety two. The frame is hollowed out to reduce the weight. I have a 92 and tried the other. Both shoot fine. I have a CZ75 and it shoots well to. I do like the old W. German P226 by far. You can only get them in the used catagory now. My only problem with Glock is I need to rotate my wrist to get the sights to line up properly. After 3 operations on that wrist it isn't the most comfortable thing to do.

Everyone will probably have a preference in a full size pistol and they won't all be the same. That is why so many different ones are made. Stick with the major manufactures and you will probably be happy.

I am only speaking about range pistols here and not something I would normally conceal carry.

Feeding a 9 mm semi-auto pistol can get expensive. Reloading has helped to releave some of that expense. Shooting is fun.
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