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I agree with what others have said; 308 is kinda overkill for HD.
If you are REALLY intent on going rifle for home defense look at 5.56MM NATO or 5.56x39 AKA 5.56 Russian.

308 is about power at a distance; unless you live alone on a big plot of land and expect to be besieged by outside forces its total overkill.

Honestly; if you are not are talking about shooting at people in body armor(even then); shooting at cars or shooting at people beyond the effective range of 5.56 then I would save the extra $; buy an AR-15 and all the goodies you like for SD and small game hunting then go drop that extra cash into a good bolt action rifle like a Remington 700 in 308 for more "practical" uses.

I thought about getting something in 7.62x39 or 308 as a "SD" rifle but it just has too much power if you live anywhere near other homes.

The "Practical" part of a 308 battle rifle is IF S really hit the F; over penetration of your home will not be as big of an issue; you will only have one kind of ammunition to stock etc and it could be used for SD or hunting. Unless you plan to go on the run this is not that big of a deal; just stock up on two different rifle calibers. It does simplify things a little bit but the odds of confronting 1-3 burglars in or around your home is much higher than the odds of TEOTWAWKI

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