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Practical Long Range Rifle shoot... Southwest Virginia...

We're hosting our next PLRR shoot on November 3rd, 2012.

Our shoots are being held as promotional shoots for our Practical Long Range Riflery courses being offered here in SW Virginia.

The course is shot in 7 stages, with a 25 dollar entry fee (which really just covers the range cost)... and prizes will be paid to top three shooters, generally 100 dollars to top shooter, 50 to 2nd place, and 3rd place basically gets his money back at 25 dollars.

The course begins at ~175 yards, with three shots on a playing card for a possible 100 points. First hit is worth 80 points, next two hits worth 10 points each.

Then to steel at 325, 450, 600, 750, 825, and finally to the 1040 yard target. (we had to place the 1000 yard target 40 yards farther out to keep it visible on the hillside).

On the steel plates, shooters must make one hit, but they'll have five shots to do it. A time limit of 150 seconds will be allotted to each shooter for rifle set-up, target acquisition, and firing of necessary shots. This time will commence when the shooter's name is called from the roster. A first round hit is worth 95 points (5 extra points for hitting the 4 inch orange dot in the center). For each additional round needed to hit the target, the shooter will lose 10 points.

Steel plates range from 12 inch squares at closer ranges, to 18 inch squares out to 825 yards, and the 1040 yard target is a 24 inch square.

Shooters must spot their own shots. However, after the 3rd miss, the shooter can call "time" and ask to "buy a spot." This will cost him 15 points off his total score for that stage. The clock will be stopped while the shooter gets advice from the range officers and whomever else he chooses to trust as to where his shots have been landing. The "time out" will not exceed 60 seconds, and once the clock is re-started the shooter will have 60 additional seconds to fire the remaining two shots, in hopes of hitting the target.

A perfect score would be 700 points. The highest score to date has been 645 points.

We shoot rain or shine, and unless winds exceed 20 mph steadily, we will not halt proceedings. Practical Riflery shoots should of course mimic "real world" scenarios where rifles are used in the hunting fields. Therefore the weather must be dealt with. Bring rain gear if the weather calls for it, as well as warm clothing and sandwiches, coffee, and of course water.

Other gear which will be of help to you would be a spotting scope and binoculars, bi-pod a must, rear bag... and such. All shooting will be done from the prone position, unless the shooter has a physical condition which prevents him from shooting prone, in which case he may bring whatever portable device he may need to shoot from.

We do have a lot of fun on these shoots... so if you're close enough to warrant coming on down and shooting with us, I'm sure you'll enjoy the event.

Some photos from our last event...

Practical Long Range Rifle Courses...
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