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Bedford rifle range report

Last Friday morning I went to the range and sighted it in at 35 yards off a bench, no bags just elbows.
On a CMP B-19 target center I hit a 7 at about 6 o'clock with my first shot. A 9 at 7 o'clock, a 9 at 2 o'clock cutting the 10 ring and 2 touching at about 5 and 6 o"clock in the X. I didn't even have to adjust the sights.

I wanted to shoot a bunch more BUT it started raining so I left.

I used 70 grs. FFF Goex, .490 ball, .018 pillow ticking patch lubed with Hoppes #9 Plus, 4F in the pan.

I know it can do better, I'm the weak link, 57 year old eyes and not as steady as I once was.

I do think I have that broad side of a barn door thing covered though.

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