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Yeah, right now I'm looking for something small, but with a bit of oomph. The .204 will let me keep the target in sight, but still has some power. Once I bump it up to even a .223 or go with something like a 6BR, I loose that ability. That ability to keep the target in sight and watch the bullet strike is what really engages me. I've never seen that before in a centerfire. Then of course, I'm a complete noob.

I've been reading some on the CZ. The CZ 527 VT looks quite interesting. Is this rifle the best in class &/or best bang for the buck? Are there other models I might want to consider, such as the Ruger 77 Mark II Target? How would the Ruger compare with the CZ? The Ruger is about 2 lbs heavier, which could be a good thing. I'm not likely to be toting the rifle around all day without breaks, which would make the extra weight a burden. I don't know enough about triggers to say if the difference in type is a plus or minus.

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