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I Don't Think I Buy The "Too Expensive To Make Colt DA Revolvers" Arguement Anymore

I was reading the newest American Rifleman and they reviewed the Colt New Frontier single actions in .44 Special and .45 Colt. The guns were gorgeous (except for the grips, as was noted in the review). The list price was $1,455 each. The review stated that, while there was a lot of machining of the parts, there was also a lot of hand fitting on each revolver.

Now, I have read over and over on various forums that the reason Colt doesn't make any DA revolvers is because it would be too expensive, a lot of that due to hand fitting parts while making the revolver. I don't know that I really buy that any more. $1,455 for a SA is alot of money for a gun, but I imagine that they will sell quite a few anyway. I realize street price may come in a bit less, but it seems to me that if they can do a high quality SA that sells in this price range, then why can't they do a DA even if it costs a bit more?

In all fairness, I probably wouldn't buy one anyway since I never got bit too bad by the Colt revovler bug. I have owned three Colt revolvers, but have since sold all of them, but I know there are a bunch of folks out there that would jump on one if they started making them again.
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