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Originally Posted by pilpens
I would have gotten one months ago but the slide does not lock open when empty.
Forgive my limited understanding as I'm a bit new to this, but why was that an issue?
I don't know if that's true as I never deeply researched the RIA 1911-22 as it was a tad too high than what I was looking to spend solely on a range gun (honestly, if money were no factor I would have bought it ).

The slide staying open upon an empty mag is nice/practical in that it makes for a quick reload as well as notifying the shooter he's out. Nice feature but not a 'determining' factor for me.

I've been doing as much online research into all three of these as one possibly can do, and I'm not sold on the GSG due to reports of the poor finish on them rubbing off in certain areas. The Colt looks a whole lot better, and cheaper than the RIA to boot.
As mentioned above, I have the GSG (same as SIG) model 1911-22. The finish is nothing more than a bit above average in my view but certainly not a deal killer. When I was researching the Colt Umarex 1911-22 offering I felt it was just a bit behind the GSG/SIG 1911-22 equivalent in terms of quality/durability (for the record solely my opinion as I have not had direct hands on with the Colt Umarex 1911-22).

When I was researching which 1911-22 plinker gun to get, I really found two that were unique in that the offered an all-metal frame/slide and those were the RIA and CZ (though the CZ isn't a 1911-22 model so to speak but still very pretty and durably reliable). Almost all of the other offerings in the .22lr semi market (S&W M&P, GSG/SIG, Browning, Colt and even the Ruger SR22 use cheaper types of metallic base material on their respective slides (some people refer to Zamak slides as "pot-metal" for example).

I will note that I have just passed the 2500 mark with my new GSG using cheap bulk ammo 90% of the time and CCI premium HV when I am doing serious competitive type shooting--Love the gun as it feels every-bit like my 1911 .45 auto.

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