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First off SR420 is a great resource.
Never said he wasn't, this is definitely my first rodeo as far as tinkering around with the M1A/M14 goes. I never meant to slight anyone so I apologize if that's the way I came off.

Secondly 800-930 really isn't that big of a difference if you like the pricier one. Save another month or even 3 if that's what it takes.
I'm just not wild about it; it seems like paying more for the same to me. Im not knocking the Sage, I'm sure it is phenomenal, it just doesn't seem to fit my wants/needs, especially for the price.

I apologize if I wasted anyone's time but I think I've decided on the MFS-14 from McMillan. The price is right, their warranty seems good, and the weight is right where I want it. I have a friend who is an apprentice gunsmith who can bed the action for free. Plus I can get it in OD green. Will post pics in 3 to 4 months.
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