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Originally Posted by 481
"Close" is great if you are tossing horse-shoes or throwing hand grenades.
The rounds I referenced are "close" to the FBI service pistol standard, they are over the FBI off duty pistol and CCW standard. Further, I didn't address that many of these tests have .380 JHP rounds that surpass the service pistol standard. They don't come close to meeting standards, they surpass the one that is set for the kind of use my gun and ammo will see. All of the rounds that we are discussing surpass the FBI 6-9" standard that is the standard that applies to the types of guns we are talking about.

Originally Posted by 481
He very well might- if he can guarantee that he will always face an unobstructed, perfectly static frontal presentation from an assailant that doesn't exceed that 6"- 9" standard.
Umm, the FBI sets 6-9" because it is sufficient to hit vital organs from the side. In a "perfectly static frontal presentation", 9" will be enough to nearly pass through most non-overweight adult males. With the 10-14" that most of these rounds actually penetrate, the straight on frontal shot that you suggest I'm talking about (but I am not) would be a through and through (except in people my size). Further, he was right, he was talking about my understanding of the FBI standards, not whether you agree with whether or not they should have the different standard for back-up and off duty law enforcement weapons and "civilian" CCW pistols (you apparently disagree with them).

Originally Posted by Chuckusaret
If my XD40 fails and I go to my BUG, I am quite sure the .380 JHP with just 6" to 9" of penetration will do the job with a hit to head and/or COM.
Good point. Not many of us use .380ACP as our primary defensive pistol. I carry mine as a back up or when it is far too hot to wear clothing that will conceal something bigger. Most of the time I carry .40S&W, 9mm, .45ACP, .38+P or occasionally .357mag.

Originally Posted by Redhawk5.5+P+
Were are you plan on shooting them?
Obviously, I don't carry here in MD (nearly impossible CCW standards- we are not shall-issue). I do carry whenever my UT non-res permit allows. As for more specific "where" answers, I don't know. I hope to never need to shoot them, but you never know when, where or if you'll be attacked and need them. If I ever need to draw and shoot, I may be in a dark alley (unlikely, but people can take a wrong turn), or in the middle of a crowded street. I don't want a round that will pass straight through my attacker and possibly hit an innocent person nearby.

Originally Posted by Tinner666
I like to mix and match myself. 2-6 JHP, then FMJ on the off chance I need 'more' so to speak.
I've thought about that, but I''m leaning against it. I'm pretty comfortable now that there are JHP rounds in .380 that are better selections than FMJ. The .380 round is marginal to begin with. JHP does penetrate enough, and unlike FMJ it can expand to increase its effectiveness.
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