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I have steel silhouettes hanging (with a forward cant) up at ~10yds. I wear glasses when I shoot, but I have splattered many thousands of 9mm fmj on them and never had anything come back to bite me.
I had a welder buddy of mine make them up for me in return for helping him instal a floor. I'm not sure what the steel is, but it's something hard enough that it doesn't crater with anything up to .357 (the hardest hitting thing I've shot at them).

I love them. They don't flap around in the wind or the rain, and I never have to haul/hang targets. I just keep a can of white spray paint out there, and spray them with it between sets so I can tell where I'm hitting.

Inside they could be problematic as the "splatter" from the bullets does tend to tear up anything directly to the side or below them, but outside they're the cat's meow.

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