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to rodeo roy

I respect your decision. Let's just say having a pistol does not make me feell invincible, I ve seen what bullets do to people so being a hero has nothing to do with it. Recognizing danger is paramount so that's good. But saying you won't get in a situation or you'll see it coming or determining how far it will be is delusional. You're probably a guy who thought 9/11 or the oklahoma city issue wouldn't happen. Understand, gun range owners will push the 12ft probability to keep you spending your money at their ranges. But you call people stupid for choosing to take the shot instead of taking cover. You hurt my feelings roy. Just kidding. Seriously, the long shot is nothing more but a ful test of your shooting mechanics, a fullsize pistol goves you the option to take out a threat before it gets within 12 ft. Getting shot at, 50yds doesnt seem that far away. I bet the police officer that was saved by the man who took a 165 yd shot with a .357 is glad somebody trains beyond 12 ft. or however far you shoot.
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