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Reloading Manuals not consistent?

I'm trying to work up a load for 357 using a 158gr speer jacketed hollowpoint. I'm using Alliant 2400. The problem I'm having is the reloading manuals I've read aren't consistent.

I've got a MidwayUSA Load Map for 357 and it states the starting load at 9.7gr and 11.5gr.

A Speer reloading manual gives a starting load of 11.2gr and a max of 12.5gr.

OAL for both of these manuals is 1.570 give or take a hundredth.

But the real inconsistency comes from the Alliant website, the closest load data for my bullet is the Speer GDJHP, which is almost identical everywhere else. This website gives a charge of 14.5 grains.

The 14.5gr concerns me for obvious reasons, being such a higher amount than anything else I've read.

From what I've read on the internet, 2400 doesn't like light loads, so that's where the 9.7 concerns me if the 14.5 gr from the Alliant website is correct. I've read on the internet that 14gr is a standard load for this configuration.

So I guess what I'm asking is which of these sets of numbers does everyone else use?
Is it normal for there to be this much inconsistency between load sources? I'd hate to blow up my Model 19.
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