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Other than a .25 (TP), and variations of the P99 (p990, P99QA, P99QSA, P99Q), P99 RAD, and of course the PPQ, and PPS, this is correct.

Well, the P99 was designed around the DA/SA trigger action. The other variants were designed later. Thinking about it now, I'd even consider the PPQ as a variant of the P99 with them being as similar as they are, and the P99Q can be decocked as well.

But you are right that the TP and PPS were not designed around the DA/SA trigger action. I forgot about these two, and I actually own a PPS.

My point was that the majority of pistols designed by Walther after they released their first DA/SA pistol, were almost all designed around the DA/SA trigger (PP, PPK, P1/P-38, PP Super, P4, P5, P88, P99, etc.), and Walther just recently began offering different trigger options, other than the TP.
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