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Underwood brand 9mm +P+ 115 gr. Bonded JHP, actual chronographed velocity from a Sig P228 with 4.25" "Sig" threaded barrel - 1,425fps/519 lb-ft of kinetic energy.

Any way you slice it that's a powerful round. The only .45ACP loads that shade it are equally "overpressure" loads.

Velocity is everything...proof? We don't roll 2 ton balls at 5mph to take out a tank. Instead we fire light (18 lb) APHVDS rounds at nearly 6,000fps for a "mere" 9 MILLION lb-ft of kinetic energy. By comparison that 2 ton ball rolling at 5mph would generate a piddling 1,672 lb-ft of kinetic energy. A CAR rolling up against an M1 Abrams at 5mph might jolt it enough for the occupants to notice, but it sure won't harm it.

Big bullets moving slow was what the world HAD back in the blackpowder era. We were supposed to have moved forward since then.

If the myth of the .45ACP is to be validated, then it would be a better manstopper than the .30'06 based on launching a larger diameter bullet, of greater mass. I doubt even the most ardent "believer" would suggest the .45ACP is a better manstopper than the .30'06 at ANY range.
When bullets have terminal striking velocity above 1300fps they begin to do damage far out of proportion to their caliber and mass.

But as most will agree...whether your choice is the 9mm or .45ACP, either is a good choice.

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